Top 5 reasons why you should go Kanban

Kanban in the Japanese word that stands for “visual sign” that can improve the flow of work process. Kanban is used in Agile way of working as a tool to visualize tasks.
It’s a board, traditionally a whiteboard but nowadays digital, which consists of cards where you can add your ideas, tasks and issues that need to be worked on. You can change the status of the cards by moving them between columns as the work progresses.
To put it in simple words it is a visual management system that helps you to keep track of circulating tasks. You may be aware of Kanban and congratulations if you are using it!

Our top 5 reasons on why you should go Kanban.

1. Agile – not just a secret for the tech industry
Agile management principles are now being adopted and implemented across industries, all over the world. The principles are as simple as likable: The empowered, learning team is the core. Involve customers and stakeholders in the process and do not wait until it is finished. The people doing the work should be the ones planning it.

Kanban has emerged as the tool of choice for agile teams as it visualizes workflows and is powered by sheer transparency.

2. Be smart, even if your workplace is stupid
The expectations on you are clear: be productive, smart, reliable and a likable colleague. The market puts increasing pressure on organizations when it comes to higher productivity and a competitive edge. Visual management can be the cure for many employees, project managers and teams. The beauty of Kanban is that it can be used to visualize practically any type of work item.

They make it possible for people to focus on the right tasks by self-organization. The board simply makes it easier for us to prioritize, which is crucial when it comes to efficiency. And even more crucial for engagement and team spirit.

3. Working together is better
True and effective engagement amongst internal or external stakeholders is very hard to dictate. There is a growing interest in how people behave in different situations and what influences our actions, from behavioral economics to CBT. For managers it is of great interest to unlock the engagement that turns your employees from drones to missionaries. The key is to access the link between formal workflows and informal information.
Kanban method is made up of 7 important principles:
4. Control through transparency
One concept of the Kanban methodology is especially attractive: By being open, you gain control. Management, regardless of industry, is the act of optimizing resources and getting people together to accomplish goals while using available resources in possible best way.

With Kanban boards, your team becomes empowered. It increases the level of self-organization to get the job done. As the level of involvement raise, so does the level of engagement.

5. You’re tech savvy enough
Nowadays, with the ease of smart devices, most of us qualify to be appointed power users of social technology, from social media to mobile technologies. The threshold to allow technology to help us manage work and life is lower than ever. You just need to accept that there are more effective workspaces these days for your own and shared tasks, and look beyond Outlook, Excel and Linkedin.
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