PMO trends for 2021 – Hybrid Methods

This year we will probably still have many uncertainties and it will be difficult to predict what comes our way. What we can try to predict is the PMO trends for this year. We think there a couple of items to be aware of for 2021. We will share them through a series of posts.


Hybrid Project Methods

Agile methodologies will continue to increase and expand. However organizations also find that running every project using Agile sometimes is just not working. Agile is not the holy grail they expected. If your project is straight forward and the goals are clear it may be better to use a hybrid approach using a mix of Agile and traditional waterfall. At Steerco we believe organizations should pick what works best for each situation, there is no good or bad.


PMOs should be flexible to the chosen approach and can be at risk of appearing as the ‘weakest link’ if they resist change and insist on maintaining traditional waterfall approaches within organizations undergoing digital transformation.


Our Digital PMO solution, using Azure boards, Microsoft Project or Teams Planner can work with any methodology, whether it is pure waterfall, pure Agile or a hybrid approach. It is also possible to link projects into existing agile software such as JIRA.