PMO trends for 2021 – Strategic PMOs

In our previous post we shared the first PMO trend for 2021 where we expect more hybrid project approaches and that PMOs should be flexible in adopting and supporting an Agile, waterfall or a combination both being a hybrid approach. Here is our second item we predict for 2021.


Centralized and Strategic PMOs

Organizations often have more than one single PMO. Even within for example an IT department you will find decentralized PMO functions. We foresee these will start to disappear in favor of the centralized enterprise PMO.
The enterprise PMO should support the enterprise portfolio management which is aligned to the strategic objectives of the organization. Strategic portfolio management is better in prioritizing the right projects reaching those objectives with minimized business risks.


Within our Digital PMO solution it is very easy to create strategic themes and drivers. Combined with Power BI reporting this will give executives a good overview of the overall status of the strategic portfolios; the overall health, progress, adherence to budget as well as summarizing key performance indicators across all projects in the portfolio supporting the strategic objectives.