P3M3 Online Self Assessment
Steerco offers the P3M3 Online Self Assessment part of the Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3), which enalbes organizations to carry out an online self assessment.
P3M3 provides an effective performance assessment tool measuring organizational performance in portfolio, program and project management. It covers management of a range of business disciplines, from risk and resource to finance and governance.
We are a licensed AXELOS Consulting Partner (ACP) and certified to deliver P3M3 Online self assessments.
Steerco - AXELOS P3M3 partner
What is P3M3?
P3M3 provides three maturity models that can be used separately to focus on specific areas of the business, or more generally to help your organization assess the relationships between portfolios, programs and projects. Each sub-model is further broken down into seven perspectives and five maturity levels.
Steerco - P3M3 maturity levels
Why do the P3M3 Online Self Assessment?
By completing the P3M3 Online Self Assessment, a quick evaluation of the current project organizational maturity and process capability with respect to portfolio, program and/or project management is obtained.
It also allows organizations to begin to explore the P3M3 model. It introduces some of the core concepts such as the five Maturity Levels and seven process Perspectives that are the foundations of P3M3.
Want to learn more about what P3M3 can offer? Download the full guide here.
  • Gauge the current level of maturity of portfolio, program- and project management
  • Understand the key practices in effective portfolio, program- and project management processes
  • Identify the key practices to improve process capability and achieve the next Maturity Level
  • Improve the capability to manage its portfolio, programs and projects more effectively.
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses in order to plan for continuous improvement
Start your P3M3 Online Self Assessment today!
We offer a straight forward and fixed price package to deliver the P3M3 Online Self Assessment. For only € 1500,- you will receive a complete engagement which includes as follows.
  • We plan a video call to explain the P3M3 Online Self Assessment approach in more detail
  • We share a unique link to the P3M3 Online Self Assessment questionnaire.
  • We transform the collected data into a comprehensive report.
  • We present the results, a maturity score and discuss potential quick wins for improvement during an interactive online workshop.
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