What is P3M3
Portfolio, Program and Project Management Maturity Model (P3M3) is a framework developed by AXELOS which has become a key standard amongst maturity models. AXELOS is responsible for developing, enhancing best practice frameworks and methodologies. This includes PRINCE2, MSP, and ITIL.
Steerco is a certified Axelos consulting partner. Using the framework we help organizations to assess their current performance in project delivery. The outcomes set a baseline from where the journey for improvement will start.
Steerco guides organizations during the journey, delivering a strategy to reach the optimal level of performance to maximize value from investments.
The strategy approach is focusing on five maturity levels and seven processes. For each process, rapid short-term improvements will be realized. It also delivers the governance for long-term and continuous improvement which meets the optimal maturity level characteristics.
Steerco - P3M3 maturity levels
Why use P3M3?
Organizations would like to understand the optimal level of performance to maximize the value of investments. Based on that understanding, a realistic view can be outlined in what can be achieved.
The goal is not to aim for the highest level but to find the best level to meet the business needs and aspirations.
Organizations decide to use a maturity model to assess their current performance to:
  • Justify investment in portfolio, program or project management improvements
  • Gain recognition of service quality through certification in order to support proposals or distinguish themselves from competitors
  • Gain a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses in order to plan for continuous improvement
How can P3M3 benefit your organization?
P3M3 helps organizations to address fundamental aspects of portfolio, program and project management. It improves quality and
successful outcomes reduce the impacts of risk, and thereby minimizes the chances of failure.
Some of the organizational benefits of using P3M3 as opposed to other maturity models are as follows.
  • More effective use of budgets resulting in cost savings
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve time and cost predictability
  • Fewer defects, leading to higher-quality outcomes
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced employee morale
P3M3 Assessment Offering
Steerco offers a fixed price package to help in understanding the challenges for project delivery and highlight opportunities for improvement. For only € 8500,- you will receive a full P3M3 assessment engagement which includes as follows.


We plan a free of charge personal intake meeting to understand the project delivery challenges and expectations. We explain P3M3, the approach around our offering and discuss how your organization could potentially benefit from a P3M3 engagement with Steerco. Where required a custom offering can be discussed.

P3M3 Assessment

The key to success is to understand bottlenecks or challenges from key stakeholders. To gain detailed information, personal interviews will be planned with - a maximum of 6 - key stakeholders, preferably from multiple layers of the organization. Besides the interviews, we share a questionnaire with all other stakeholders related to project delivery. A default set of questions is available which we shape custom to your organization and needs.


After the assessment, we process the results. We transform the collected data into a comprehensive report which we present and discuss during an interactive workshop. The key outcome is a maturity score for each P3M3 process, we share observations, highlight quick wins for improvement, and discuss a potential engagement for a continuous improvement plan.
Continuous Improvement
The result of the P3M3 assessment will show opportunities for improvement. Steerco can help in enabling continuous improvement for project delivery. We do not strive for long-term improvement programs. We focus on the subjects where improvements can directly deliver the most benefits.
Together we will shape a plan to discover the subjects to focus on. We review the assessments results in more detail and plan the second round of interviews. We review related processes, documentation, and tools. We coach stakeholders and prove to them how changes can benefit them and the overall organization.
Steerco - AXELOS P3M3 partner
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