The effects of Artificial Intelligence on project delivery

The question is not if, but when will artificial intelligence (AI) have its impact on how we work within the current growing dynamic organizations. This also includes how we will handle projects in the future.

Gartner already predicted this back in 2019 in their press release: ‘Gartner Says 80 percent of Today’s Project Management Tasks Will Be Eliminated as Artificial Intelligence Takes Over by 2030’

Within dynamic organizations, project teams are under pressure to execute projects faster, more effectively and deliver high quality. That same pressure is driving the evolution of project portfolio management (PPM) software to increasingly simplify project managers’ work.

Using software like PowerPPM, part of our Digital PMO solution, this accelerates both deployment and execution through project teams. Not only within IT, but in all sectors this new technology offers many advantages and extraordinary opportunities to businesses.

Therefore, project management organizations are adopting the use of AI to further speed up their project delivery. One example is to use Microsoft Flows to automate processes, use techniques to collect data, and use that data to learn from the past which helps in decision making.

Many training institutes like the Project Management Institute (PMI) are building the effects of AI into their trainings and certification programs.

Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate

Streamline repetitive tasks and paperless processes with Microsoft Power Automate - so you can focus on what matters most.
Computer and Human
So will the human project manager go away? For now, especially part of the transition the position is crucial. However the role and responsibilities of the project manager will slowly change over time.

Similar to PMOs, the project managers’ focus will simply change from tactical to strategic, similar to what has occurred during digital transitions for professionals in banking, HR, sales, and other business lines. Professionals would be expected to provide more competitive value as manual, mundane activities become more automated.

Tactical project management work can be completed by AI or bots, such as assigning personnel or reporting status. Human project managers will instead concentrate on ensuring that project outcomes deliver the desired market benefit and are consistent with strategic goals.

Daniel Stang, VP of Project Management Research at Gartner
“AI is going to revolutionize how program and portfolio management leaders leverage technology to support their business goals.”
AI Maturity Model Gartner
Enterprise-connected project management software such as our Digital PMO solution can help ensure that project outcomes are in line with the company’s strategic objectives. This cloud solution shares key information for strategic planning, HR, financing, supply chain, and other business areas that are specifically linked to projects with other (cloud) applications.

Together with our partners, Steerco is already exploring and building AI and machine learning to automate tasks using Microsoft Flows and recommend potential next actions.

In preparation for what will be required of their position in an AI-driven future, Digital PMO enables project managers to start concentrating today on delivering business value. Gartner clarified that the organization will begin to understand greater value from projects as project managers turn their focus to strategy.

For both managers and the organization, this is a valuable change and there’s no need to wait. Today, you can harness new technologies and a cloud solution.

Check out the Digital PMO website for more information on how AI plays a part in the future of project delivery.