Consulting Services
Business and especially IT is changing rapidly where quality and time to market is an important topic. This requires organizations to continue to update their processes to deliver projects on time, in budget and with the best quality.
We at Steerco have the necessary expertise to support your business through standardizing, enhancing and improving project delivery methodologies or professionalize the local project organization.
Why and How
A solid project organization will help you drive up your project, program and overall portfolio success rates. Using a variety of professional practices, we at Steerco customize services as per our client needs.
Our professional consultants will help your organization deliver projects effective and efficient to reduce costs and increase success rates.
Improve Your Maturity
As with any investment in an improvement initiative, increasing the maturity in project portfolio management should not be seen as a justification in itself. It is about the improved capability to deliver strategic objectives, reduce costs and increase success rates – every investment requires a justifiable return on investment (ROI).
Steerco developed the Project Portfolio Improvement Model (PPIM). PPIM helps organizations to address fundamental aspects of portfolio, program and project management. It improves quality and successful outcomes reduce the impacts of risk, and thereby minimizes the chances of failure. PPIM is based on P3M3 and leads to decreased costs and improvements in on-time delivery, productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction.
A key benefit of using the Steerco approach is that it uses a publicly available set of independent benchmarks. The general benefits that can be gained from using our approach includes:
  • Helping organizations to decide what maturity level they need to achieve to meet their business needs
  • Providing an objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses and determine the current maturity level
  • List weaknesses and provide plans for improvement to reduce costs and increase benefits in project delivery
  • Assign a Steerco project manager to actually understand the weaknesses and challenges with project delivery
    within the organization
Project Management Office
Many organizations struggle to find the techniques and tools necessary to select projects based on scope, time, cost, quality, risk and benefits constraints. On top of that, it must focus on building the necessary tools, methodologies, and processes to support a consistent and repeatable approach to managing programs and projects.
Our professional consultants have the expertise to support your business through standardizing and enhancing local project management methodologies. This includes activities by setting up or re-organize a Project Management Office (PMO). A PMO will help you drive up your project success rates. By examining your organization we make sure developing methodologies and processes that fit your business. This can be supported by selecting and implementing the right toolset.
Portfolio, Program, Project Management
Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the core of every business to become successful, stay competitive and consistently improve. Organizations need to transition from traditional operational management to a more project management approach to maintain and achieve the highest levels of performance ensuring all goals, part of the portfolio, program or a project are achieved on time, in budget and with the best quality.
Steerco can offer professional and experienced PPM consultants to help you achieve what is needed in a considerable and timely manner.