Have you read the new Scrum Guide?

November last year Scrum.org released an updated version of the Scrum guide. Don’t worry, Scrum is still Scrum. From the point of view of the key concepts, principles, and values, nothing really changed.


However it is good to be aware of the changes made, especially if you are a Scrum Master. Many Scrum Teams slowly add and remove practices as they seem to help or hinder their work. The Scrum Guide, like a good Scrum Team, has also added content to add clarity or to describe a convention. But unlike a good Scrum Team, it has rarely removed things. With this release of the Scrum Guide, unnecessary content has been removed. Less words, better wording resulted in reduced number of pages. It went from 19 pages down to a mere 14 pages.


Content has been added to the artifacts. The idea of a commitment is to provide additional quality to the artifact to improve transparency. In the case of Product Backlog, the commitment is to the Product Goal.


Learn more about Product Goal and all other changes made, download the English Scrum Guide directly via https://lnkd.in/g5AM92v

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