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Steerco has a team of agile experts with experience in adopting many tried and tested methodologies including; SCRUM, Kanban, DSDM and SAFE. Whether you are looking for an introductory workshop to familiarise your team with agile best practices or you are looking for a full E2E agile transformation, then Steerco can help you

We have helped multiple organizations in their agile transformations both in terms of developing processes but also in adopting new technologies (AWS, Azure). As every client of ours is different, each ends up with a completely unique target operating model. This often involves starting with an agile-waterfall hybrid or a proof of concept to start getting the agile principles embedded in your organization. 

Agile Transformation

We pride ourselves in being able to adapt to the needs of each individual client and we understand that no two agile transformations are the same. You will be able to lean on our wealth of knowledge as we tailor our approach to your business. By taking advantage of our existing knowledge bank you can speed up your agile transition and start realizing your business benefits extremely quickly. 

Many people will know that Agile started off within software development however in the last few years there is a push to take it to non-traditional business sectors such as: 

Infrastructure / Networks

Steerco have built data centers around the globe utilizing the Agile Scrum framework.


More and more HR teams are utilising Agile methodologies to get more real-time feedback from their staff.


Call center or support desk staff are under a lot of pressure due to their workload and Agile will help with prioritization.
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Scrum Master

If you need a qualified Scrum Master to lead your team then Steerco can help. All of our Scrum Masters hold PSM qualifications and are experienced with creating effective project teams.

Product Owner

We can provide interim Product Owners to ensure that your Agile program delivers the most value. All of our Product Owners are experienced in continuous delivery and stakeholder management.

Agile Project Manager

Steerco recognizes that Agile Scrum does not have the concept of an Agile Project Manager. That said, both Steerco and our clients see a real need for a hybrid role that takes on similar responsibilities to Product Owners and Scrum Masters. This role focuses more on planning, stakeholder management and more traditional PM practices (e.g. Financial Management and Reporting). This role is especially useful for small-mid size companies who may not be able to justify FTEs in both Scrum Master and Product Owner roles.

Agile Coach

Agile Coaches that work for Steerco are all extremely proactive and take more of a consulting approach to find out how they can maximize value for your organization. All of our coaches are familiar with working in a multitude of roles and as such are SMEs when it comes to all things Agile.

Steerco Training Workshops
For those companies that are looking to start or maybe continue their agile journey, Steerco offers training workshops for all levels of maturity. Whether you want an introductory session to cover the basics or a deep dive into the art of agile data reporting we can help you.

Introduction to Agile

A workshop to kick-start your Agile journey and get your team members up to speed. Introduces your team to the roles and artifacts used in Agile SCRUM and provides some simple next steps.
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Introduction to Agile for Executives

A strategic workshop for business leaders to help pave the way for your Agile journey. This provides clear next steps on how to benefit from Agile.
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Agile Maturity

For those who are familiar with Agile methodologies who may have started their journey. Great for organizations that need an outside perspective with maturing their agile environment.
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