4 tips how to learn your lessons best in Project Management

At Steerco we often see that organizations still struggle to truly embed continual improvement and lessons learned into their way of working. Here are a few tips on what to focus on:
1. Take time to capture all the lessons throughout your project
Collecting lessons after each key milestone will help you run a successful project. As the project nears the end of its life, your project team will start to disband, so it is important to capture your lessons before you run out of time and before memories can fade. Working within the Scrum framework gives teams a really nice opportunity to do this, with a retrospective session in every single sprint. 
2. Capture practical recommendations
Spend time collecting reviews on what well went and what did not and actively use this to improve how you operate in the future. It will also help you to identify where you need support implementing certain actions. At Steerco we advice to have a more interactive approach where input can be collected from multiple stakeholders where the project manager is the facilitator of the workshop. Key to success is not to focus only on the issues that occurred but to focus more on what could we have done or can we do to prevent this in the future.  
3. Share your lessons learned
Sharing your knowledge and storing your lessons in a central location will help to kick-off your project successful. Also by surfacing all lessons in one place, this means that lessons cannot be forgotten about in an archived project closure document. Many projects also suffer from similar challenges, so don’t be afraid to speak to other colleagues outside of your program as it may bring a new perspective; perhaps they have already overcome this situation before.
4. Collaborate
Focus on involving your project team and key stakeholders in retrospective sessions. Don’t only focus on getting feedback from colleagues, try to foster an open and honest culture where people feel valued enough where they feel comfortable in discussing difficult topics 
In the traditional method of completing the lessons learned at the end of a project it quite often becomes a paper exercise never to see the light of day again. At Steerco we highly recommend to embed continual improvement within your delivery process. Once this continual improvement becomes second nature for a project team, it’s only a matter of time before you see real maturity and ultimately a better finished product!
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