About Us
We help organizations take back control of their projects by improving the delivery process in a continuously changing environment.
For our clients, we solve the toughest project challenges by providing experienced professionals with strong backgrounds. We also help with agile adoption and our consultants help clients improve their overall maturity in project delivery.
How Steerco can Help

Project Delivery

We recognize the symptoms of troubled projects. Let us help you take control of your delivery by providing highly skilled project resources.


Our professional coaches can help you to introduce and implement the agile way of working to your business via consultancy or training workshops.


From transforming a culture to improving maturity, our consultants offer an array of services that strengthen your project execution capabilities.
  • Cloud Migrations
  • Datacenter & IT infrastructure
  • IT Security
  • Business Transformation
  • Delivery Improvement
Our sectors
Steerco delivers solutions for multiple sectors in Information Technology including; Retail, Telecommunications, Software Development
By combining service excellence with in-depth expertise from leaders who have worked in the same fields as our clients, we ensure the solutions we propose have a significant impact on our client’s business objectives.
Our expertise
All our professionals hold a wealth of knowledge including project delivery concepts, tools, and methodologies in the following areas.
Why Choose Us?
We offer the full spectrum for project delivery, from resources, consultancy to training and workshops.

  • We are experienced.
  • We are transparent.
  • We are efficient and create value.
  • We forge long-term relationships.
Steerco - Why Choose Us
Clients Who Trust Us

Our clients decide to work with us for a variety of reasons, but the common one is that they simply want premium services to improve their project delivery.

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